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Anna is a JOY to work with

I met Anna at a time that I was desperate for a change with my hair and life. I had done it all and was sick of the wigs, relaxer, braids and repeate cycle that I was in. When I saw a friend with flourishing sister locks I was SOLD!! I told her say no more just give me the number lol.
Anna has blessed my hair with her healing touch that has led to healing of my hair that was so damaged. She has taught me to love on my locks and talk to them and treat each one of them with tenderness and patience. And to always be positive. Plus her amazing hair products are a plus.
I look forward to my retie days cz my time with her brings me so much Joy! Her place is so clean and smells amazing and therapeutic. I definitely would recommend her to anyone needing to start their lock journey.
May God bless you for blessing me sister🙏


Anna is a JOY to work with
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